The town of Hochelaga is situated among cultivated, fertile fields, near a mountain from which we can see very far. We have named this mountain Mount Royal. – Jacques Cartier, 1535

Montreal, gem of the St. Lawrence, the Paris of North America, la Ville aux cent clochers – like all clichés these phrases both blur and reveal the truth. Founded by French explorers more than 350 years ago, it is among the oldest cities on the continent, its history a rich backdrop to its vibrant multicultural life.

Notorious for its harsh winters, Montreal flourishes through a hot, sweet summer enlivened by festivals, street fairs and innumerable terrace cafés where locals and visitors alike eat, drink and socialize.

A visit to Montreal can be exciting and fun. We're hoping to answer your questions here, and gather in one place a wealth of information that will help you plan a visit and enjoy it to the max.

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