Last updated August 13, 2014

In a city known for its lively food scene, it isn't surprising to find a varied group of curious and critical food bloggers keeping tabs on restaurants as well as the wider world of ingredients, markets and cooking generally.


Only in Montreal will you find multiple blogs devoted to that most choice of fast food specialties, poutine. Poutine Chronicles and The Poutine Pundit review poutine offerings so that you need never be without a notion where to find a good poutine in all its squeaky cheese glory.

Mr. Lew's Great Burger Search looks for the best hamburgers and other fast food. Chris "Zeke" Hand used to do the Montreal Burger Report but now he's broadened the purpose of the blog to include thoughts on other kinds of restaurant.

Cartoonist Hasemeister has a food blog called Fast Food Fred with quick amusing looks at fast food options, mostly in and around Montreal but occasionally further afield. Good pix of the restaurant signs, too. In French. (This is the man with a Flickr set of images of the ubiquitous Italian chef we've all seen on a pizza box.)

Eater has come to Montreal with a vengeance and gives a sly, somewhat sardonic look to our food and eating habits.

Eating Out in Montreal is about just that. is the work of two "regular guys" who like to eat and drink and write about it.

One of the most delightful Montreal food blogs is endless banquet, run by A.J. Kinik and professional chef Michelle Marek. These two get around, so not all the entries are about Montreal, but many of them are. Their master lists A to M and N to Z encapsulate a vast amount of knowledge, both on the best places to eat and to source excellent and recherché groceries in the city (and the entries are date-stamped!). They also feature recipes and general thoughts on food and eating. All in English.

Chef Bartek Komorowski from Dépanneur Le Pick-Up has a food blog on which he mixes recipes and resto reviews.

Resto review blog Shut up and eat has tempting photos as well as reviews of a number of local eateries. Food Guy Montreal also has down-to-earth resto reviews (love the titanium spork). Both tend to look at modest and accessible spots.

More resto reviewers: Braised and Confused has a good layout and photos, and reviews establishments under several categories; Foodie Date Night is written by "a couple of culinary school graduates" applying their knowledge to resto food and practices around town. Montreal Food Divas posts a new resto review every Thursday.

I like the name of resto review blog This is why we're fat – I don't know who writes this one, but they're good.

Montreal Brunch and Breakfast is just what it says, an assessment of breakfast and brunch places.

Chowhound has a Quebec discussion board that is more often than not focused on Montreal, as people ask, answer and debate questions about restaurants and cookery. All in English, being part of a site operated by Americans, and has several stalwart commenters who can be relied on for interesting opinions.

Midnight Poutine was a collective effort by a cabal of Montreal bloggers, but they ceased publication at the end of 2013. Their food entries are still online and will be useful for awhile yet. is a nice blog with a section on bouffe, all in French.

The Metro free paper has a lively food section which almost counts as a blog.

Banlieusardises is a well-established blog with a wide interest in local food. Christelle is flabbergasting also looks at local bouffe. More recent finds include Roasted Montreal and Cookoodoo. All four of these move between resto talk and recipes. Other blogs that focus more on recipes than restaurants are Jasmine Cuisine and dishchronicles.

Le Méchant Mangeur "searches for the best places to watch & eat in Montreal." In English despite the name.

Katerine Lune Rollet looks at high end restaurants and fancy nosh.

Chomp Chomp used to be Jeremy and Vinita's resto guide on a page at McGill. It's kind of charmingly Web 1.0 but lists a lot of places – alas, still with no dates on their reviews.

The Hungry Italian investigates Italian cookery with food from Montreal sources. Mindful Table looks out for sustainable local choices and presents interesting recipes.

Urban Spoon's mostly just a listing site, but might provide some useful information to somebody.


Alas, the site for a food bloggers' association in Quebec — Blogues bouffe de Montréal et Québec — is down for maintenance.


Blogs come and go. if I notice a blog's been neglected for awhile, I'll remove it from this page. Likewise, if the focus of a blog shifts permanently away from Montreal, it doesn't belong here. Finally, if a blog focuses on home cooking with no particular Montreal angle, it doesn't really fit on this page even if it's written here.

Also, please keep in mind that not all food bloggers constantly update their content. Don't make big plans to go to any restaurant mentioned in a blog without calling first to make sure it's still in business, and will be open when you're hoping to visit.

I could wish all food bloggers would do two things: date their blog entries – especially restaurant reviews – and say a little something about who they are. I don't mean they need to post an entire CV, but it would be nice to know whether a blog's being written by someone with professional background in the business.

If you have any news of new, revived or defunct food blogs, please email me.