Double Dutch

André Gingras, CYP17
Dylan Newcomb, Breath
l'Agora de la danse

There were two dances and two styles on offer at l'Agora de la danse, with only a common country to link them. Reason enough to share the same billing?

Kenneth FlakCertainly, choreographer André Gingras put together an impressive half of a double bill of solo performances hailing from Amsterdam.

Interpreted by Dutch dancer Kenneth Flak, CYP17 highlights a performer whose limbs just won't stay down. Whether sitting, squatting on the floor, or walking about the confines of the plain, squared-off stage bordered by fabric, Flak used stillness and explosive action to great effect. His movements somehow cross the tics of a victim of severe Tourette's Syndrome with the self-possession of Dr. Strangelove.

A dancer who almost bursts with energy, Flak exerted tremendous control, yet kept it all playful and seemingly carefree.

Add a perfectly matched soundtrack of loopy, sine-waved melodies to accompany to Flak in Gingras' choreography, and it was a most impressive performance.

- - - - -

In the second act, choreographer and performer Dylan Newcomb brought the down the tone from its former exuberant level with the cerebral and largely static piece, Breath.

The final part of the trilogy Full Circle, Breath uses the span of a human life as framework to pose a multitude of existential questions: Of what can one be certain? What can one control in life?

As what must have been a kilometre of gossamer material slowly unspools in a heap from the massive roll overhead, Newcomb, in Blue Velvet-y spot lighting, coiled an arm serpentine as he began the text-heavy spectacle, travelling the oft-trod ground of the search for meaning in a world of multiple truths, realities, and perspectives.

Contrasted with the sheer love of movement enacted pre-intermission, the piece was a strange fit—and the evening an odd pairing of styles, to say the least.

CYP17 and Breath
Agora de la danse
840, rue Cherrier (métro Sherbrooke)
Info: 514-525-1500

[ Photo of Kenneth Flak by Roman Soroko ]

- Neil Boyce

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